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Adventure Blog

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Meet Melanie, she enjoys new adventures that offer her exciting opportunities to try new things and learn new skills.  She loves swimming, paddling canoes and kayaking with friends outside when the sun is shining and glistening off the water just right. She participates in Special Olympics events and attends different art classes and adapted ski adventures in the summer time.  Melanie enjoys being the life of the party and will dance the night away if the occasion calls for it, she can’t wait to attend Ability Adventures events with friends!


Hi there, from Mason!  Mace enjoys time away from his home. Well, mostly from his parents.  He is 24 after all.  Meeting up with new friends gives him a sense of belonging and increases his independence.  He loves exploring the outdoors, campfires and s'mores, dancing to his favorite movie soundtracks, and swimming in any body of water he can.   His zest for life, smile, and overall goofiness is contagious.  One cannot help but belly laugh with him.  Stating a quick goodbye to mom and dad he will jump into Ability Adventures events, ready for whatever Deon has in store.  This family simply cannot wait!

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Natalie’s thrilled to share her stories!  She enjoys traveling with family and friends from one ocean to the other: from cruising the coast to Alaska to welcoming an aircraft carrier in San Diego and whale watching in Maine to sea -shelling in Florida!  She is always looking forward to more adventures and experiencing new sites and recreation with Ability Adventures.  Natalie has a caring nature, a positive attitude, and a smile on her face. She enjoys making new friends and is always willing to help others.  Natalie currently works at the Milwaukee County Zoo and takes pleasure in her horseback riding lessons and Special Olympics sports with friends throughout the year!  


Aloha from Austin!  Austin is a dedicated traveler that is already planning for the next adventure before the other one ends.  He takes pleasure in traveling because he meets new friends and gets to explore new places.  Austins favorite places he has visited over the years with friends is Wisconsin Dells and zip lining through the forest in St. Lois.  Austin has worked at Children’s Hospital for over 7 years as a Supply Aide and he enjoys his job very much.  He likes to play video games, watch movies, and compete in Special Olympics events with friends during his down time and will be ready to jump to action when Ability Adventures event calendar is released! 

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